Ask Believe Receive - formula explained

Ask Believe Receive - formula explained

Ask believe receive is the basic formula of the law of attraction, it is very simple yet many people struggle with it. This article is explaining how to ask, how to believe and how to receive.

check out this youtube video first:

How to ask simply means having a clear intention as to what do you want. if you change your mind everyday about your desires then you are sending mixed signals to the universe and also to your own subconscious mind.
So ask for the same thing, everyday, using whatever law of attraction tool that works best for you, or all of them if you can, do your affirmations, visualize everyday for a while, ask in your prayers. and remember to be consistent and as detailed as possible, if you want a car, be specific about the color, brand, when do you want it...
Always ask in a positive state of mind, when it feels good, pay attention to your vibration while you are asking, use something that put you in the mood before asking, like music..

Now this is the hardest part. Believe here means convince your subconscious mind that you already have what you desire, and that is a mental challenge that you have to conquer, because it is very hard to act like you have something that you actually don't. And more than that, you have to be as passionate as possible about it like a child. Ever seen a child getting a gift that he always wanted? seen him excited and dancing of joy? that's the feeling you should try to reach, it is tricky but still reachable.
If you find it hard to get the feeling, then maybe you should start by believing a small things to train your mind. visulize having something as simple as a nice cup of coffee, believe and get the feeling that you already have it, it should be easy since it is a feeling that you experience maybe everyday, but that way you are training your mind to the believing process. Then move to bigger stuff.
Another key is to daydream, along with the visualization you practice everyday, start imagining having that thing you want and try to keep that thought for as long as you can, let your imagination take you as far as you can go.. be creative, put yourself in situations..until you really feel that you have your desire with every cell of your being. You may not master it from the first time but it is a process, you will get better at it everyday. But once you do.. you will become an attraction magnet.

Receive is the final step in the Ask Believe Receive process. It is very linked to the believing part because it has to do a lot with feeling that you already have what you want to attract.
To understand the meaning of receiving, think about when you have old clothes in your closet and you are going to buy new ones, before you bring the new clothes you first emty your closet, you make room for what's coming to you. And that's exactly what receiving is, you are telling the universe "OK! here I am, ready for what you have for me". You are preparing yourself. for example, you want a relationship, you ask for it, visualize it, receiving is when you start going out and be open about meeting new people, allowing interactions, seeing possibilities everywhere, you may go further and even start sleeping on one side of the bed, and making free space in the closet.. this might sound silly but it does give you the feeling that something is coming on the way, so you are getting ready for it.
Remember that your subconscious mind does not make a difference between reality and imagination, so it doesn't matter that your conscious mind thinks it's silly.
Same about everything else, if it's a car, make a space in your garage if you have one, or find a spot where you will be parking it, buy a little something you're going to decorate it with...

Ask believe receive..What about actions?
This part needs a full article because there is a lot to say about it. Of course you will have to take actions at some point but the problem is that people think that actions bring them what they want, while actually focusing creates your desires, actions are just a tool to bring them to you, it's a "how to" and it is none of your business to know, just focus, then on the right time you will be inspired to take the right actions, how do you know that they are intuitive actions? simply because it feels good, even if it doesn't seem logical and takes you out of your comfort zone.

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