Focus Wheel - How to use it


Focuswheel as presented by Abraham Hicks - What is it? and how to use it in the law of attraction

Here is an empty wheel

You may watch the explanation plus an example in this video below:

The Focus wheel was popular few years back. But few people talk about it nowadays, I don't know why since it is a very powerful law of attraction tool. Originally introduced by the famous Abraham hicks.

It is a circle that is usually divided in 12 parts (could be less or even more) and that has a smaller circle in the middle. The focus wheel exercise consists mainly of filling the wheel with positive affirmations that would help you raise your vibration and stay focused on  your goal and desire.

You also use it when you doubt yourself or the universe. When your vibration is low and you think that nothing works. It can be a great reminder of your great potential and manifesting powers.

You simply write your goal or your desire in the small circle in the middle. It must be in present tense, and with positive emotion, like "I am now happy that I have.." or "I am grateful for having..."

It doesn't matter if you have doubts or your vibration is low when you first start the focus wheel. Everything will shift eventually if you use it right.

Next you start filling the 12 parts one by one clockwise, with positive Affirmations that are related to your desire written in the middle. Take it step  by step, start with a simple positive statement that you truly believe is true. For example, if you are trying to manifest money or a wealth related topic and you have limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you, then you can start by writing "I love money" it is a true statement that you surely believe and that is related to the topic. If you are trying to manifest love and your subconscious believes that you're not worthy of love then you can start by saying "Love exists" or "I can learn to receive love in my life".. You get the idea.

keep going up and think of more Affirmations that are challenging you and taking you out of your comfort zone, while of course staying within what your subconscious mind can conceive.

At the end you will notice that your vibration changed and now you are able to believe the main statement you wrote in the middle. If it is not the case then there is something wrong, you broke the wheel somewhere by writing something that you didn't feel was true, or you didn't challenge your subconscious mind enough. Go back and start over.

You will know you did the focus wheel properly when you notice the shift in how you feel. when you come to the state of believing that you already have your desire with every cell in your being.

Once you are done put the focus wheel somewhere in your house where you will be able to see it everyday. You must read it everyday, and better if you actually could write a new one everyday.

It is better to fill the focus wheel manually with your own hands, avoid using your computer or your phone, your handwriting has a power. It is unique to you, your own creation. You train your subconscious mind that you are a creator of your own reality.

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