How to Manifest a Specific Person


7 Steps to Attract a Specific Person

It's arguably the most popular topic within the Law of Attraction community, ‘How can I manifest a specific person?’ You’ve dreamt of having your ideal relationship with the mysterious guy you’ve seen at the coffee shop or you’ve imagined a love story for the ages with the girl next door, maybe you’ve written a wishlist of your perfect partner and you want to bring it to life. Whatever your desire we’ve got the answer. Here, we’ll uncover the tips and tricks for manifesting a specific person so you can have the love life that you deserve.

Watch this video below about the 7 steps you need to follow while you are trying to manifest a specific person:

No matter what you want, big or small, you have the power to manifest it into your life and your specific person is no exception. One of the biggest downfalls one can experience when trying to manifest their specific person is believing that the outcome that they want isn’t possible. We’ve all heard the term ask, believe and receive before, if you have the wish in your heart to manifest that person then you have already asked, the next step is to believe. Trusting in your ability to attract the lover that you long for is key when manifesting your specific person.

The next step is to expand upon the details of your intention. We’ve already established that you want to bring them into your life, but then what? Take this time to explore the possibilities of an epic and fruitful life with this person. Visualize yourself dating them, enjoying their company and loving them, with their efforts matching your own. Paint the picture and bring it to life, you are the artist in your personal experience. Your thoughts and feelings are the brush and your intentions are the paint, turn your life into a work of art.

When you want to focus your energy on manifesting a specific person ensure that you are taking the right kind of action that will enable you to receive what you are asking for. Free up some space in your home that will create welcoming energy and sleep on one side of the bed in anticipation of your specific person, all the while allowing yourself to continue with your life with the knowledge that your ideal partner will manifest into your life. You are the sculptor and creator of your reality, as the Genie says, ‘Your wish is my command’. This is the time for you to get excited and trust that your specific person will manifest, creating the perfect partnership for you.

You have the whole world in your hands, manifesting a specific person is as simple as attracting a cup of coffee. There are no limitations in this Universe so remove any from your mind and embrace this magical gift that you have been bestowed with. The power lies within you, you are the co-creator of your life. Expect your specific person to manifest and they will show up, pay attention to the signs and synchronicities in your life that are pointing you in the right direction and most of all, enjoy this process and let the love that you desire radiate through every area of your life.


7 Steps to manifest love from a specific person: Step 1: think of why you want that person For something positive?(make love and fulfilling life, start a family, live happy together) For something negative?(take revenge, prove a point, take them from someone, to satisfy your ego) what's your intention towards them? Step 2: believe it's possible, nothing can block the process of manifestation more than doubting the system, work on your belief system before moving on to the next step Step 3: don't be in state of desperation (meditate, work on your goals, use affirmations.. to get out of that state) Step 4: don't put them in pedestal (visualize yourself with them, imagine the relationship, make virtual space in your home for them, change pattern because when someone comes into your life it changes so when you change your life before a person comes to it then you are calling them, you are showing that you are ready to receive you are amplifying the signals you are sending to the universe hence speeding up the process...) Step 5: let go, don't stress, detach, don't think too much about the manifestation taking time, stop focusing on the fact that the love if not yet in your experience Step 6: love and take care of yourself, take yourself on dates, nice warm baths, buy yourself gifts, show appreciation and love and compassion to yourself Step 7: show gratitude, express how grateful you are for having that person even if they are not there yet, send a gratitude letter to god, or to the universe, expressing how thankful you are that he sent you the love of your life.. write it in the present tense

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