About Us

About Law Of Attraction World

The website and the Youtube channel and also the social media accounts are managed by few different law of attraction believers from different nationalities:
Smail Jr (Morocco) Emma wilson (Germany) Raj Mouhit (India) Adriana De S (Brazil)
So far it is a community that is growing day by day, with thousands of subscribers, social media followers, and blog readers..
It is an open community that anybody from everywhere can join and contribute to
We created This concept for people who believe in the law of attraction phylosophy to help them live the life that they always wanted, and to become the best version of themselves.
It has everything they need to know: Affirmations, how to visualize, Meditation tutorials, Gratitude.. anything related to Law Of Attraction.. In the hope that our experiences with the Law Of Attraction would inspire them and help them change their lives.

*DISCLAIMER: The law of attraction does not mean wish for something and it will manifest by itself, TAKING INTUITIVE ACTIONS and working for it IS A BIG PART of the creation process.. Refer to our videos and articles for more details.
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