How to Manifest with Water & 369 Tesla method


How to Manifest with Water & 369 Tesla method

You may watch this youtube video about this topic:

Manifesting using water, is it possible?

The short answer is: "we do not know"

But here is the long answer:

You probably have heard or seen videos that talked about the "Emoto experiment". Basically a Japanese Scientist called Dr Masaru Emoto have made an interesting experiment on water, he took several samples of water from different sources, and expressed different emotions and vibrations to each sample.

Positive emotions like love, gratitude, success... and negative ones like hate, jealousy, envy...

Those emotions were expressed directly to water by talking to it, telling water "I love you", or "I hate you"..

Then after freezing the water samples he studied the crystallization of each sample, and he claimed that the crystallization was not the same for all samples..

If you do some researches on the subject like we did, you would not find a strong proof. What we found was that scientists say that it's impossible to make sure that this experiment is legit, because "emotion" is not something that you can measure, it doesn't have a measurement unit, you cannot say that i love you two kilos (emotion unit). Not only you cannot study the emotions in a lab because you can't measure them, but also different people express different emotions in a different way. So if Dr Emoto expresses love in a certain way it's not going to be the same as if you expressed love, hence nobody can actually remake the same experiment.

If you are skeptical or can't believe anything unless you can study it in a lab then manifesting with water is not your thing.

But if you're one of those people who leave room to possibilities then it could be something interesting for you. Because you never know.. I personally prefer to think that there's way more than science knows. Science will never have all the answers, it is an ongoing process, we discover stuff every day.. we discover things today that deny stuff that we discovered yesterday and so on.. I prefer to test theories. I prefer to test manifesting with water and see for myself. If it works for me then fine I'm going to use it, if it doesn't work then I'm going to move on to something else and that's what I suggest you to do.

How to do it?

Basically what you do is that you take a bottle of water, preferably glass.. avoid plastic, also it is better to use a bottle that you like, a bottle that you have some kind of good memories with.

And fill it with water. Then write on it the thing you want to manifest or just write positive emotions like love or success or good Affirmations.

There are several ways that you can do that, you can either write on the bottle directly using a marker, you can write on a piece of paper and tape it to the bottle of water, or you can write on a paper and put the paper under the bottle of water..whatever helps you get the idea that the water will be charged with that emotion

I prefer to write with a marker on the bottle directly, that way I can see the goal I wrote and the water at the same time  and that helps me imagine the way that the water is getting charged using that goal that I want to manifest.

But it's up to you, watch several videos that talked about how to proceed and pick the best one for you, or try them all and see which one you feel will work for you.

And of course drink that water with the intention of manifesting your goal in your mind.

Water and 369 method?

If you want to go even further, mix it with another technique like the 369 method (the Tesla method).

We always encourage you to mix many techniques at the same time to amplify the signals that you are sending to the universe, to help speeding up the process of manifestation.

So mix drinking water with 369,

for example:

Drink the charged water 3 times in the morning 6 times in the middle of the day and 9 times before sleeping.

Or write your goal 3 times and drink the charged water 6 times and do this routine 9 days in a row..

Find a way to combine these three magical numbers along with manifesting with water to get the best result.

Additional tips:

*** Use clean water

Try to find the best clean water that you can, the best water is the rain coming directly from the sky, but if you can't find it for any reason, the next best thing is water coming from springs or the mountains as long as you catch it before it gets dirty. If you can't find any good water then use tap water or the bottled water you can buy

*** Make sure when you are writing your goal or writing the words to express positive emotions. pay attention to the emotion you are feeling because that's what the law of attraction is all about.

Water has a secret power:

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