Affirmations - How to use them

Affirmations - How to use them

We have come to know that thoughts become things and that's the main definition of the law of attraction. "I Think Therefore I am - Rene Descartes".. Our existance depends on our thoughts. So in order to have a happy life we must have happy thoughts. But it is not always the case. Because up to 95% of our behavior and thoughts are controled by our automatic habitual subconscious mind. So once we are not paying attention and not living in the moment, our subconscious mind takes control of the situation, This is not a bad thing unless our subconscious mind is filled with many negative beliefs and thoughts, because that's what we will end up manifesting into the physical through the law of attraction.
Affirmations are one way among others that we can use to install new positive beliefs in our subconscious mind, and therefore to change our automatic behavior and thoughts

Here are some affirmations that you can listen to every night before falling asleep by Dr Wayne Dyer:

What is "Affirmation"?

To "affirm" means to say something is true in a confident way, to show strong belief or dedication to something, therefore Affirmations are statements that we believe to be true, that we are confident about and that we are dedicated to.
basically affirmations are positive statements that we either write somewhere, or we say, or listen to.

Written  or spoken affirmations?

It is up to you to decide, just like any other law of attraction tool you are using. Some people prefer writing their affirmations everyday (which is very powerful), others prefer to have them written everywhere around: the fridge, the walls, computer and phone backgrounds... and there are also the ones who prefer to listen to them at night before going to sleep or in the morning upon waking up. The ideal is to do all of the above, because why not? actually it is the best way to get your subconscious mind to absorb the new affirmations as new beliefs.

How should an Affirmation be written or said?

This is very important, as you will hear a lot of people talking about affirmations not working for them and therefore the law of attraction is not real, it could actually be because they didn't use them the right way. To get the most benefits of affirmations here is what you must pay attention to:

*Short and simple: make your affirmations as short as possible, and use common words you use everyday

*Positivity: your affirmations must be written in a positive way using only positive words. For example, instead of saying "I am not sad" say "I am happy" matter of fact try to avoid negative words in your everyday talking and replace them with positive ones.. for example instead of saying "I hate this song" say "I don't like this song", instead of "this is ugly" say "this is not beautiful".. with time it will become a habit, and your subconscious mind will be filled with only positivity, 

*Present tense: your subconscious mind is timeless, it works only in the present moment, so your affirmations must be written in the present. If you say I will be happy, it will always be in the future. In order to change your beliefs you have to use affirmations as though they are already real.
Ignore your senses when they tell you that it is not real, remember that your subconsious mind don't make a difference between reality and imagination, so keep lying to your mind until it believes it is true

*Use feelings: either you are doing self-talking, writing, or reading affirmations pay attention to how you feel. If you are not feeling good about affirmations don't say or read them. try to reach that sweet spot when you feel confident when you're doing affirmation, say them with passion and excitement.
If you are mixing spoken affirmations with music, pick a music you love, make it a calm relaxing music if you are listening to it at night. And uplifting / motivational if you are listening t it in the morning.

Last tip: do not use affirmations as a drug you will be taking for a short time and that will change your life.. make them a part of your new lifestyle. Everytime you feel good, say an affirmation, everynight before falling asleep, same when you waking up. Only by doing so you will shift your subonscious beliefs and manifest your desires through the law of attraction.

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