How to Raise your Vibration

How to Raise your Vibration

What is vibration? and what is it about raising it? 

You may listen to this audio about how to raise your vibration here:

As you must already know, everything in the universe is energy, energy that is vibrating permanently at different frequencies. The basic law of attraction principale is that similar energies attract each other. 
So actually your true self is just just pure energy vibrating at a very high frequency, but coming into the physical reality where you are now lowers your vibration, and it gets lower even more through picking up negative and limiting beliefs. 
Your vibration has a direct effect on your state of being, the lower it is, the less energy you have, the less joyful and creative you feel. Because you are getting away from who you're truely are. The higher your vibration is, the happier you are. 
You do not have to do something to raise your vibration, it is already high, what you should do instead is stop holding it down, because that is exactly what you are doing with the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Here are few easy steps that you can do to allow your vibration to rise and to get closer to who you really are:

  • Meditation: when you reach the "thoughtless state" in meditation you basically stop thinking, which means that there would be no chance for your negative thoughts to take over, and that results in allowing your vibration to rise. Meditating regularly will train your ability to shift your mindset and raise your vibration easily.. After some time of commitment to meditating everyday, you will notice the change by yourself, your vibrational set point will become higher. 
  • Do what you love: Like the saying "Find what you love and let it kill you". Find your passion, the thing that makes you the happiest and do it.. Or just anything that could make you happy for few minutes and do it everyday.. Like singing, dacing, playing with your pet, play video games (not for a long time though), take a bath, watch the sunset, kiss your lover... joy and happiness vibrate at very high frequencies, higher than all the other emotions. You can not be in a state of depression or anger if you are in a state of happiness 
  • Breathing: The easiest thin you can do to raise your vibrating, you can do it literally anywhere at any time. taking deep slow breathes will help raise your vibration. Do it anytime you feel the need to, when you feel tense and frustrated, or just whenever you remember doing it. 
  • Sleeping: Taking a nap is aiso something that you can easily do, sleeping has similar benefits as meditation, they are almost the same thing except that in meditation you are conscious and in sleeping you are not. When you take a nap you naturally return to a high vibrational state. your mind and body get relief from the negative vibration that they are carrying. 

 The list is not limited to those steps actually, but these ones are the easiest that you can start with. Do more than one of them everyday, and you will notice the changes in your life. To know if you are on the right path just pay attention to how you feel. The law of attraction is all about feelings and emotions, if you are feeling good than know that you are in a high vibrational state and try to keep it that way.
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