What is pain? & what is it trying to tell us?

What is pain? & what is it trying to tell us?

What is pain, what is hurting us and why it’s hurting us? How can we handle pain and what does this pain mean? What is pain trying to tell us, and how can we use pain to help ourselves? Can we use it, in order to be more powerful?

This video below explains the issue with pain in a detailed way:

The following words you can apply in any situation you’re dealing with, at the moment. You can apply it on your job aspect, if you’re dealing with losing jobs, you can apply it to your love life, if you’ve in the middle of a fight with your partner, you can apply it on your health, if you’re having some health problems etc. If anything is causing you pain at the moment, you can use the  following lines to help yourself and to use this pain for your greater good.

The first thing here, that is important to understand, is the steps of creating. In the first step, from the contrast, you send your wish to the Universe. Every time, when you lose your job, when you end up with no money, when you get in a fight with your partner, when you get sick, from that very situation of not having, of missing something you really want, from right there, you’ve automatically sent your wish to the Universe. The second step- that very moment, the Universe has responded, and in parallel reality, your wish is already achieved, you already have the thing you want. The third step is where you allow the manifestation to happen, allow your wish to come to you. That’s your job. You have to be on the same vibration as your wish. You have a bunch of methods which can help you to do that. The fourth step- let this vibration become your dominant vibration. And the last, fifth step- again contrast. The contrast, which help you to send your wishes again and again. That’s the circle.

Those steps are important to know, because they will help you understand that the things that occur to you, the things that cause you pain, are the part of the path.

At the time when something happens to you, and you start to feel pain, what does that pain mean? Our non-physical communicates with us through our emotions. Emotions of the higher vibration, are messages from non-physical such as “go for it”, “you’re doing great”, “you’re on the good way, focus on that, use those thoughts”, “do that”, etc. When you feel “positive” emotions, the emotions of the higher vibration, it means that non-physical says: “I’m here too”.

When you start to feel “negative” emotions, emotions of low vibration, when you start to feel pain, what does that mean, then? It means that non-physical is telling you “I’m not here anymore, I don’t see it the same way as you do”. Because, every time, when you’re feeling like this, every time you’re feeling pain, you’re feeling it because you’re focusing on the contrast. Instead of that, you should be focusing on the fact, that your non-physical has used your contrast to help you in achieving your wish. 
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