How to Manifest with Reverse Journaling


How to Manifest with Reverse Journaling - Scripting to Manifest with the Law of attraction

What does manifesting through reverse journaling in the law of attraction mean?

it is similar to manifesting through scripting if you already heard about it.

But a little different

You all know what journaling is right?

You wake up everyday you live your life, do what you have to do. Then at the end of the day before sleeping you write what happened during the day in your diary or journal.

Reverse journaling is doing it backwards. It is writing the day before it happens, writing your day the night before.

then reading it the next day when it actually ends.

Example: today is Monday April 5th and you are about to go to sleep, you take your diary and write what you want to happen in your life tomorrow as if it already happened, so you will start by saying today is Tuesday April the 6th, I work up at 7 am took a shower, had breakfast.. and so on. Then the next day at night you read what you scripted in your journal and compare it to what actually happened for real, and see how much percent of your day you actually created. And take notes if possible to keep track of your progress

But don't go all crazy about it either, don't write unrealistic things that you can't truly believe on a subconscious level, I mean writing in your diary something like I woke up to a pile of money next to me will probably not work right?

Matter of fact you should start by the basic obvious stuff that are mostly going to happen naturally, like if you have coffee everyday when you wake up you can write something like "I woke up I had my cup of coffee"...

There is a huge chance that it will happen, and at night when you read what you scripted the day before in your journal it will look like you really created your day, it will help in training your mind and tricking it to believe that you write everything that happens to you. You are scripting the story of your life by yourself.

Then little by little, day after day start challenging your mind and write unusual stuff that will get you closer to manifesting your desire.

Start simple. For example if you are trying to manifest a car you can start training your mind by writing in your journal stuff like "today I thought about my dream car" it is easy and will mostly happen naturally, or you can say "today I saw a car that looks like my dream car".. keep taking baby steps till your mind truly believes that whatever you script manifests itself in your reality or at least a big part of it does. Then you can start the real thing.

if you can leave room for other possibilities while journaling then do it, because the universe may not give you exactly what you asked for but will give you something else, similar or even better. You can simply say something like "today I thought of my dream car then something amazing happened that made me feel like I'm too close to manifesting it"

It is important that you include feelings and emotions, the law of attraction is all about emotions not wishful thinking.

If what you wrote in your diary the night before didn't happen during the next day, still read it as if it did unless it is impossible to do so.

Now if something bad happened during the day that you obviously didn't write, because of course who would do that to them self? right? Anyway, if something bad happen during your day skip it if it's no big deal, read what you wrote yesterday without mentioning the bad things that happened, unless it is a big matter that needs to be addressed, it's up to you to judge, if it is the case deal with it in reality and don't mention it in your journal entries in the future.. unless you judge that it will serve you somehow, each case is different so I can't give you a magic formula that works for every situation just follow your intuition and be your own judge while watching your feelings.


  • Reverse journaling is writing your day before it happens
  • Start by the basic obvious stuff
  • Take baby steps towards your goal
  • Include feelings
  • If something bad happened don't mention it
  • Leave room to possibilities
  • And of course be consistent

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