Interview with a life & Law of Attraction coach


Interview with a life & Law of Attraction coach (Anne Nayer)

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So I'm gonna start with the big question okay, for all the linear thinkers, for all the skeptics out there they're gonna ask: well where's the proof? yeah right I could manifest a thousand dollars or the car, the house, the companion.. where's this proof? the evidence?


Well there's proof if you just started talking to your friends, people will start telling you all kinds of things

that happen to them that they actually thought of.

But scientifically, quantum physics introduces a principle that's shared with the law of attraction: the observer effect: the idea that if you as the observer are looking at something in fact that has an impact on what you're looking at. So when physicists are looking at molecules or atoms under microscopes they realize that the fact that they were observing what they were watching may had an effect on what they were watching. The Observer changes the whole situation. So that our perspective on things shifts reality, it shifts it starting from how we see it, how we experience what's going on. But then we act based on our experience, so if we think that a situation is a positive friendly situation we will act in a positive friendly way which will have an impact on the people around us.

There are experiments done where if you walk by a seedling or a plant and send it love and praise.. it grows. If you don't pay any attention and if you say "bad plant" "ugly plant"... it doesn't grow as well or beautifully


Just as we would say ourselves: "you're stupid" and "you're ugly" "you're fat"... all the things that

we say to ourselves



To ourselves and in our minds about everybody else, so we're having an effect in that and on the

world around us and the people in our lives.


So you would say: us, the plants, that chair, the couch, everything.. the walls, the home... is all made up of energy?


All energy.. we live in a vibrational world, we're vibrational beings


So if we are giving out that negative energy.. because I myself have walked in a room and you just feel that vibe you can't explain.. but just this one person you just would rather not be around.. call it energy call it a feeling..  whatever you want to call it but I'm sure everybody's experience that, and then we tend to go to the good feeling people, the good energy people, so if we are feeling in that state of negativity or our vibration is low or our energy is low how can we shift it?


We can shift it in several ways: we can sort of  ask ourselves what's the matter? and treat ourselves with love.. and see what is upsetting us? what it was the underlying annoyance or dissatisfaction that we're experiencing, we can look at that and we can go "well if I don't like how I'm feeling" "if I'm ill" or a bad situation I'm in or a job or relationship... we can ask ourselves the question what do I like? I know that I don't like this so let me ask (from learning from what I don't like) "what is it that I would like?" and to change the channel in that direction, to use our negative experience to teach us.. as if life were a buffet table and we go and we taste something that's all beautifully arranged and we go "Eww yuk!!" we will know we don't like it so we don't have to go back there anymore. We can go "well what would I like?" "what else is there offered that I can choose from?"

So we refine our preferences about everything if we use our negative experiences,

If we are feeling kind of low, changing the channel, asking ourselves what we would like or how we would want to feel is one thing, and then the other thing is having a repertoire of things that make you feel good. Which we all actually do have, whether it's an ice-cream cone or you know sometimes something negative like smoking a cigarette, something that may not be good for us.. or petting my puppy, going for a walk..

for me going paddleboarding..


Or reliving a memory in your mind


Re-living a positive memory in your mind, yes that is a beautiful thing to do.


So essentially what you're saying is change your language in a moment, if you're feeling a certain way change your language to a different memory? so if somebody's saying "I'll never find anybody" or "no nobody will ever love me"... change that? change the way you look at yourself and change your perspective to something else, you can play a game or maybe think "I have things to do" " what else can I do?"..  keep your mind busy..


There's nothing more important in the law of attraction than feeling good.

So it doesn't even really matter what it is that's making you feel good, but feeling good is having raised vibrations, and the only reason that we ever want anything whether it's the guy, the perfect job, the million dollars... is because we think that it's gonna make us happy. And the best way to be a vibrational match for something that will make us happy is to be happy now.

So people get very stuck in there it's like "well! no.. but I don't.." or "he's not here yet" (in case you want to manifest someone) "I don't have the job" so it's almost saying "I'm going to be miserable until then" without realizing that your lowered vibration or the being miserable will continue to attract similar vibrating people places and things into your life, like the jobs you don't like and the difficult elationships..


Hence being stuck!




So when we talk about the law of attraction everybody thinks "okay well I'll just think good and then that's it" but are there other factors? are there other laws instead of just the law of attraction?


Yes, there are three main laws:

One is the law of attraction, which describes how things work that we're vibrational beings, that like attracts like, that we draw into our arena people places and things that vibrate on a similar level to us which is a descriptive law.

The second law is the law of deliberate creation which says that we are deliberate creators, we actually do get and we do in fact create our reality. We have invited situations the people places and things into our lives whether we know it or not. And usually unconsciously; usually just by default. but once we understand the power of our minds and our ability to focus and how the law of attraction works we can sit down and go "okay what do I want?" "I like my life, I like these aspects of my life, but I would like to turn this faucet on a little more, I would like to live in Paris, I'd like to be driving a different car" or "I'd like to be feeling differently" it doesn't have to be a thing that we want.

We can sit down and  exercise picturing it, visualization is a key and often easy, because we dream anyway. we daydream, so when we're daydreaming we can be daydreaming that we're walking along the beach with our ideal partner as if it's happening now. so we're actually in the feeling place of having already received what is it that we want. Then we're walking along the beach and we're feeling good. Whoever we're walking with. Whether I'm walking my dog or I'm walking on my own, I'm walking along and I'm kind of smiling because I'm picturing what I want to invite into my life, and that in itself is tremendously powerful. Because it raises our vibrations and it also plants seeds.

Picturing things, visual images is great, writing is really good, writing a little what I call an "ideal scene" where you write in the first person present tense: "I am so happy that my book is being published" or "I'm so happy to have been the first episode on JJ's highly successful interview TV show that's gone viral"

Instantly it sort of raised our vibration and the other thing that it did is it planted seeds or watered seeds

that JJ has already planted for creating this format, this show, you know, which you've already done because you've thought about it, you had an idea, you wrote it down... I'm sure there's been a whole process to get to this point.

And so you've been planting seeds all around, and if we have a seed packet for any gardeners out there or failed gardeners, and you sprinkle seeds in the earth according to the package instructions, some of them will come up and some of them won't. Some will just be dirts, not all seeds are viable or are meant to grow.

Not all of our ideas are really ready or able to be born or even become a good idea in the end.

But when we plant our seeds we water them and it might germinate a certain number of days.. and.. I mean when I do this, I might walk by my seeds in one morning and might go "Oh my God Yay!! there's a little green head".. you know, I'm happy that it's grown, but I don't pull up all the other seeds to see whether they've taken roots, because in fact if I did that I would kill them.

Whereas we do that with our ideas often. Again we want (again I'm using the standard you know) the relationship, the job, the money... and we put out our intention or desire, and maybe we visualize and feel good. And then we wake up the next day, and go "well where is he?" "it doesn't work".. and we dig it up and we switch our focus back on to what we don't have.


So we're essentially saying that like the seed, we have to just plant it, and let it go?


plant it, and water it if that's required, which is visualizing, picturing what we want in a positive good feeling way and which brings us to the last of the three important laws which is the law of allowing so we know how things work we've done some exercises deliberate creator exercises which can be again drawing, visualizing, writing, singing, inviting what we want into our lives... And then ( like you said) we let it go.


So do we continue the writing? do we continue all these exercises?


Yes! continue anything that feels good.

If it feels better for you to have written your ideal scene, put it up, put it under your pillow, put it in a drawer... and just go forth.


What does let it go look like?


Let it go looks like getting on with whatever you have to do. for example, for me I might get up and write an ideal scene and then I feel good, I'm in a good mood.. and then I go to work.

I get in my car.. maybe I'm thinking about stuff as I'm driving but maybe not, maybe I'm thinking about my clients, maybe I'm thinking about what's for dinner.. you know? or my daughter, or something that I need to do. But I'm not holding on to it, going "where is it? where is it? when is it going to get here??"

And I'm very vigilant, which is an important ingredient, to make sure that what you're focused on is what you want rather than the lack of it.

We so often switch into like "well where is it?" which is focusing on the empty space. Or "I asked for money, how come I only have ten bucks in my bank account?"


And that's what you'll get more of, the lack of


Yes the lack of, and we lower our vibrations and we send out a request like that to the universe.. The universe just hears the desire, the universe does not hear whether it's happening or not.

I mean that is what's so powerful about visualizing our ideal scenes as well. Because requests are put out to the universe.. and then the universe, or higher power, or source energy.. reacts to what you send, whether it is reality or imagination.

So if we're really good at imagining and picturing that's what we will get because what's being put out there is what we're picturing.

(To be Continued)

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