How to Lose Weight using the Law of Attraction WITHOUT workout


Weight Loss using the Law of Attraction - My "Success Story"

In this video I explained the steps I took in details:

How did i manifest my weight loss using the law of attraction without any workouts. Or better, how did the law of attraction help me in my weight loss journey.

I lost about 10 kilograms (22 lbs). I went from 80 kg (176 lbs) to 70 kg (154 lbs). Getting back to my ideal weight (70kg) was my goal. 

I gained weight during the first quarantine of 2020 because I did absolutely nothing, I was staying home, no workout, no gym, not even walking.. Used to go out only to take out the trash or for food shopping, at some point I started doing some home workout routines but i quickly lost motivation. Things were sad, we lost our jobs, we lost money.. I personally was away from home and from my family.. anyway I gained weight during those six months of the first lockdown.

When the lockdown was partially lifted, I decided to act right away. I didn't like how my body looked, not that there was anything wrong with it, but as you know once you go down that path and start gaining weight you keep on gaining more and more. I wanted to stop and to lose the weight that I have gained before reaching a point when it becomes very difficult to reverse the process.

So i started going for walks. That was the first thing I did, started walking for around 20 minutes every day which is not a lot but I gradually went from 20 minutes to 40 minutes then ended up doing between one and two hours every day. I did not follow any specific diet but i significantly reduced my intake of sugar and bread. I started drinking my tea and coffee without any sugar.

I also avoided eating anything at night, started adding lemon to my water, sometimes i would start my day with a warm cup of water with few tea spoons of apple cider vinegar.

ACV is great if you want to lose weight but it's strong for the stomach so if you have stomach issues ask for a professional advice.

those were the only actions that i took.

Now let's see how did the law of attraction help

First of all I defined my goal clearly, I wanted to go back to my ideal weight which is 70kg. So I wrote it down on a paper i took my time to draw it in a fancy way so that my subconscious mind gets the message. 

Then I have put it in a place where it will be visible to me all the time, I have also used it as my main avatar in all my social media apps. That was a symbolic way to tell my subconscious mind that it is official the process has begun.

Other thing I did is that I have put my face on the body of a bodybuilder, which i don't actually recommend because it may just make you feel bad about how you look, but in my case it made me feel good it gave me some kind of motivation so it was okay. You can do the same as long as the feeling you get from it is positive and helping you moving forward with your goal.

Other than that I had couple videos of home and street workouts that I used to watch once or twice a day because they motivated me and helped me stay on track.

That was it.

To sum it up: 

The actions I took:

  • No sugar 
  • Less bread
  • Less food in general
  • walking

For the law of attraction:

  • I wrote my goal very clear and obvious 
  • Put it on the wall and my social media platforms
  • Created a picture of my face on the body of a bodybuilder
  • Used to watch workout videos

And i lost weight, I got exactly the result I was aiming for.

The first days were really challenging to me because i did not enjoy the taste of my sugarless tea or coffee. what i did back then is that I used to eat dates or dried risin after a sugarless drink, it gives me the dopamine that I need without eating processed sugar, natural sugar is okay as you all know.

Not eating bread like i used to on the other hand made me feel hungry all the time. and that was very challenging to me aswell, but if you pass a certain number of days you start getting used to it. The number of days one would need to get used to the new lifestyle will vary depending on the person, the goal, and surrounding, and many other factors.

The first days your level of motivation should be the strongest because once you go past those few days (took me one week or ten days) the rest starts getting easier and easier with time. So focus on the first days.


If you want to lose weight don't rush to the diet or the actions in general, focus first on the mental side. Focus on convincing your subconscious mind that this is your new reality, this is the ideal body that you have now.

The rest will follow smoothly. It will be easier to follow actions when the subconscious mind is convinced. Because your subconscious mind has an image of how you look and it will do anything to get back to that image so if your subconscious mind sees you as the person who is overweight, no matter what you do to lose weight you will gain it back, so you should work on that self-image you have, work on your subconscious mind first. Put clear goals find a way to motivate yourself and stick to the plan. It's not gonna be easy especially in the first days but it gets easier with time.

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