101 Love Affirmations


Love Affirmations

February is nicknamed the month of love, mostly because of the famous Valentine's day. In our YouTube channel we decided to post a short video everyday (less than one minute) that has love affirmations.

Here is the list of the videos (updated every day during February):

And here are all the affirmations in every video:

Day 1

I am loved

I can feel it now as I sit or lay here

My heart is open

My consciousness is open

and I can feel love approaching me

and showering over me

I can feel love from the universe filling my energetic body

I can see and feel all the ways the universe is loving and supporting me

There is only love in my awareness

Day 2

Right now I can rest in the awareness

that I am loved by the universe

love is here and is wanting to be given to me

It feels like a big bright light

pink and gold with ribbons of green

It is right there

So available

So ready

And wanting to be given

Day 3

It is the love from the universe

and as soon as I turn my attention toward it

and open my awareness to it

It has the opportunity to fill and float into my field

to fill my heart and my mind

It is a profound loving embrace from the universe

It feels compassionate

It feels adoring

Day 4

I feel secure and comfortable

I feel like it is okay to simply be myself

to be my true self

I can feel that it is always there for me

Patiently waiting for every moment I sense presence

I feel that I am completely worthy of this unconditional love from the universe

Day 5

As my awareness expands I can see and feel

I can sense that ball of loving energy fills every moment

It is not just a ball of light

It is everywhere

It floats through and fills all things..

all spaces

It is a light, a presence,

that I can now sense in everything

Day 6

I know that I was born here to experience and express this magnificent love

to allow it to move my life

I know that I was born worthy

and good enough to be a recipient of this feeling

to let it flow through me and out to others

my mind is worthy

my body is worthy

Day 7

I am a worthy being

born to receive this love

to play in this love

I let it flow to me

and through me

and encourage it through my attention to affect my whole existence

I am whole

I am this light

I am loved

I am this profound sense of love and peace

Day 8

Feel what it is like to be completely loved by the universe

To have that beauty that wisdom filling you now

Feel how your fears and insecurities fall away

when you allow yourself to be loved exactly as you are

This love is unconditional

There is no judgment

no strategy

no agenda

It just is

and you are 

and it is here for you

Focused on you, living in you

as the magnificent being that you are

in every moment

allow all resistance to fall away

Day 9

You are loved

You are lovable

You are love

I know that every move I make in the universe

I am loved and supported

I can feel the energy around my physical body holding me

and moving me in space and time

with every breath I take

I know that I am loved

the tranquil harmony of balance is pervading my life

Day 10

So full of love you are that you can now 

easily and effortlessly

give to others

The flow of inward and outward loving

light continues as you breathe

Let the universe teach you what real

unconditional love feels like

so that you are able to be a vessel for this love

Let it show you

the myriad of ways

love is available to you in your life

You can trust this love

trust the light that is available to you

in every moment

Day 11

I love myself

I am a good person

I am a magnificent being

I am an energetic spiritual being in a human body

I love who I am

I am worth loving

I was born worthy of love

Day 12

I am a divine expression of the infinite

The infinite is love

and this is also what I am

I am love

I am wonderful just the way I am

I am beautiful

just the way I am

Day 13

I am a remarkable human being

I am smart enough

I am good enough

I am strong enough

I am enough

I am worthy of happiness joy and love

Day 14

I love myself

I appreciate myself

I am unique

I am perfectly different

I am a treasure

a gift

I am here to be given

my energy benefits the world

just by being me


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