How to Heal Childhood Trauma

How to Heal Childhood Trauma using "Time Travel Simulation"

You may watch the explanation in this YouTube video:

Do you know that you can "kind of" go back in time and heal your  childhood trauma?

Let's find out how

First of all you might be wondering what does this topic have to do with the law of attraction? well as you sure know by now, the law of attraction is all about manifesting what you want by focusing on it, having positive emotions towards it, and taking inspired actions whenever you are required to. But in some cases the manifestation does not happen, sometimes what is stopping you from manifesting is the negative beliefs that you have buried deep inside your subconscious mind, caused by a negative event that happened to you when you were a child.

Your subconscious mind starts forming from the moment you were born until around 6 - 7 years old. Anything negative that happens to you during that time will stick with you for the rest of your life, and will have a destructive effect on you. unless you heal it.

This healing technique I am about to reveal does not guarantee that your trauma will be healed, most of the times you will need professional assistance, depending on how bad the trauma impact is, how was your reaction to it? and so on..

Before diving into healing the childhood trauma we need to remember some points:

  • The subconscious mind is 95 % of us: the conscious mind is only five percent, this shows how important is the subconscious mind in changing behavior and beliefs.
  • The subconscious mind is timeless: It does not have past or future it only has the present moment. Whenever you think about something, the subconscious mind treats it as if it is happening right now. And that is how we are going to trick it.

Here is the situation basically:

something happened to you back when you were a child and it is now stopping you from manifesting what you want in the present time.

And here is the presumable solution:

Go back in time and heal it at the time when it happened, Once that was done, the healing becomes part of the all-in-all memory of trauma.

We are not talking about a physical time travel here of course, but like we said earlier the subconscious mind is timeless so travelling back in the timeline is possible.


To travel back in the timeline of the subconscious mind you will need to know more about "self-hypnosis", you need to learn how to take yourself into a "trance state", similar to that state that you go to right before falling asleep, when you are not fully awake but not sleeping either, you are kind of in between, aware of your surrounding but not fully awake.

That is when you can open a line of communication with your subconscious mind, where it is ready to accept suggestions and you can basically talk to it

You sure know by now that talking to the subconscious mind is not like talking to the conscious mind

There are several ways to take yourself into trance, if you do not know how, you can watch videos that teach you how to self-hypnotize yourself.

When you reach that state of trance, you recall that memory, that negative event that happened in your childhood and that is sabotaging you now. And you start reliving it ( not just remembering it, re-living it) You will know that you are if you notice that your body is starting to generate the same emotions you felt back when it happened. Meaning, if you were scared then you will start also getting scared now, or you might have a new kind of reaction like having the feeling that you are about to have a panic attack or something.

Once you remember that event with every detail, that is when you have to heal it

How are you going to heal it?

There are several ways to do that too, you can imagine yourself as a grown up separately from your child self and you can take your child self into your arms and reassure them (yourself) make yourself as a child feel safe, feel that everything will be okay, that you are going to live past this and get over it.


you can face the trauma yourself as a child without bringing your adult self. Because when you are reliving the memory you live it as a child with all the knowledge and experiences of your adult self. It is just like a reincarnation of yourself into your child self.

I cannot give you a healing formula that will work for each case because each case is different, but you will start to know how you are going to deal with it.

Try to be creative and find a way to deal with the trauma, to face it, to face your fears, to face your abuser, to face whatever that caused that trauma in the first place.

And then go back gradually to the waking state.

If you couldn't or if you start to have some kind of extreme emotions then stop the process and wake up.

Because at that point you will need professional assistance. Like mentioned before this technique does not guarantee that your trauma will heal. You will mostly need an external help, but you can give it a try.

Try it and see, if it works then fine if it does not then you will have to look for another way. If it does not work for the first time, that is fine you can try it another time.

If you also could not take yourself into trance from the first time because it also takes practice, just train yourself and do it several times.

How would you know that the trauma is healed?

You know when your emotions become "softer" whenever you remember it after doing this technique.

For example: if you get scared when you re-lived the memory in your mind at first and then at the end you are less scared or not scared at all, then it means that your trauma is either healed or it is in the process of healing. Or if you start having positive emotions instead of negative ones.

The healing will then become part of the memory, the subconscious mind is timeless so it will feel like you went back in time and you put a band-aid on the trauma. You healed it and the healing became part of it. From there on, when you remember it, you will remember it as a regular event that has less impact on your life.

But if it is still as painful as it was before then it's still not healed.

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