A guide to your spiritual awakening


A guide to your spiritual awakening

Whether you’ve had a life-changing experience or are seeking self-discovery, your spiritual awakening should take you on a journey of conscious and intentional thinking. A spiritual awakening is a life-changing shift where we actively shed our ego and evolve on a spiritual level.

As the world starts to wake up and more people look for answers, taking the first steps down the path to enlightenment has fueled the need for divine guidance. Here are some methods that you can use to guide you through your spiritual awakening.

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Stay open-minded

You can’t wake up if you insist on keeping your eyes closed. Your awakening is driven by your mindset and what you are willing to open your mind to. Be prepared to explore different ways of thinking and alternative ways of living, adjust your thought process and be ready to challenge the way that you see the world around you. Observation and being honest about your reality and who you truly are will lead you through your awakening and ensure that your enlightenment is true. Open your mind, your soul and your heart.

Knowledge is power

Reading books, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries will provide you with new information and fresh insight into spirituality and the laws of the Universe. Listen to those that will impart wisdom and expand your mind with the materials needed to develop your way of thinking. Speak to people who are different from you and hear their perspective on life. Learning will take you on a journey of discovery that will serve you with the tools that you need to enhance your experience and break down the illusions of society and fiction within your own life.

Go within

Meditation is a great way to connect to Source energy and strengthen the power of your inner being, by practising mindfulness we can achieve a better understanding and healing of the trinity that is the body, mind and soul. Start by meditating for 5 minutes and then work your way up till you’re able to comfortably meditate for a considerable amount of time, try to do this as often as you can. Meditation can increase your self-awareness and draw you deeper into your spiritual awakening. By going within one can open their Third Eye and receive higher wisdom.

Let go

The perception of one's spiritual awakening can distract from the natural progression of the journey in itself. Remove all expectations about what you think your spiritual awakening should look like and allow it to happen in the most authentic way possible. The truth is that every spiritual awakening is unique to the individual, there is no one size fits all. Trust the process and embrace every experience that you may uncover during your awakening.

Your quest for wisdom and insight will change your life in every way possible, it may not be an easy ride but with patience, persistence and determination to become a better version of yourself, your awakening will be the blessing that opens the doors to the wonders of the Universe.

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