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"Money manifestation", "Attract money", "How to attract more money and wealth" or "How to live in prosperity and abundance"... are some of the most searched-for terms nowadays when it comes to the law of attraction. Many people are looking for ways to become rich and to manifest more money into their experience. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to live wealthy and prosperous, and have abundance of money or cars or material stuff in general, or being able to travel the world and to go shopping and buy everything you desire..
BUT, (there is always a "but") one might have limiting beliefs about money.. Our beliefs system could be our own enemy when it comes to attracting and manifesting wealth and money.. We all unfortunately grew up hearing that "Money do not grow in trees", "Money are the root of all evil", "you must work hard to get more money", "money is not spiritual", "money will make you do immoral or illegal stuff".. I bet you already heard one or more of those statements as a kid, do not worry, you are not alone in this situation, we all did hear a lot of phrases like those ones.. they became strong beliefs grooved deep in our subconscious mind. And now that we are adults, we want to manifest more money, we work hard to earn prosperity but we do not get the abundance that we are looking for, and that because of the limiting beliefs that are burried in our subconscious mind.
As you may know, you can not change a belief in your subconscious mind, but you can replace it. and today is the best time to start re programming your subconscious mind and install new beliefs. Affirmations self hypnosis and visualization are some ways that could help you working on your subconscious mind and get rid of all the limiting beliefs about money.

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