Law Of Attraction science PROOF

Law of attraction and science

Or the classic question "Does the Law of Attraction really works??"

As I said in the first post "Law of Attraction for dummies" here there is no strong experimental scientific evidence that the law of attraction exists and works. Only people who tryed it (and some of them are really famous) only those people are saying that the law of attraction does exist and they used it to succeed in their lives. 

But there are some scientific evidences and discoveries that support the Law of attraction theories and could make them scientifically accepted, especially for non-spirituals. 

Mirror neurons: recent studies show that the human brain mirrors the behavior of someone who is being observed. For example, if you are observing someone and that one is smiling, your brain activates the same patern as if you are smiling too, this activation is done in the zone of  brain that sends signals to the body to generate mouvments and actions. And this is done automatically. you can easily understand this activation just by paying attention to what you feel while you're watching a high-speed car chase for example, you feel like if you were the one driving that car, because your brain has activated a simulation as if you were really doing it. and that is kind of attracting a feeling, your brain automatically attracted the feeling of driving a car by thinking and focusing on it (just like the Law of Attraction says).

Other experiences showed that when you show people fearful faces, their brains activate a shape of cells called the "amygdala", even when you have nothing to be afraid of, when you see a fearful face your brain automatically activates your "amygdala".. 
and this is applyable on happiness, sadness and any other strong emotion we experience. This is similar to the law of attraction golden rule "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE", because fear attracts fear, happy people around you make you happy, sad people bring you sadness...

Last scientific evidence about the law of attraction is that the part of the brain used for "intention", is strongly connected to the parts of "actions" as a result when you activate the "intention" zone, the actions regions are automatically activated. But this is not easy of course, the intention has to be strong enough. And this theory is kind of similar to the law of attraction rule "ASK AND RECEIVE" while "Ask" is the intention and "Receive" is the action you will do.

What we think of and what we feel affects our actions and others actions too, because we are linked, from inside and outside, and that could be the strongest evidence that supports the law of attraction.

We attract what we think of and focus on and have strong emotions toward, either it's good or bad.
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