The law of Success

The Law of Success

This is the final article about the 11 forgotten laws of the universe, that many people do not pay attention to while talking about the law of attraction. You may check out the previous posts here:

As we did in the previous articles of the forgotten laws, here is the video of Bob Proctor giving a general overview on the law of Success

The 11th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Success

The law of success states that you were born tu succeed, you were born rich (even if you're running out of money now) but you were born with all the needed resources to succeed, the powers inherent in you are inexhaustible. Although our perception toward success is different, some define success as achiving a high position at work, some define it as building a strong family, some define it as earning a lot of money... But at the end, success is for everyone. It is your birth right to be successful in every area of your life. If you live in harmony with laws of the universe MUST become successful in everything you do. The key is to work in harmony with the laws and they will work for you.
Bob Proctor says on the The Law of Success that No matter what you do, it is a success. You get a outcome. You may not like the result but it is a result anyway. Working with the Law of Success means acting in a certain way so that success is bound to happen. If it is not by education then it is by experience and persistence. Do more right things than wrong things and success is inevitable.
So if you aim at something you will hit it successfully, if you aim at nothing you will also hit it successfully. If you want to achieve ignorance, you will successfully do. You will successfully miss 100% of the shots you never take in a game.. and in life.
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