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Psych-k | change your subconscious beliefs within minutes

Here is a video in two parts if you want to fully understand Psych-K from its own originator Rob Williams

" Psych-k is a set of principles and processes designed to change your subconscious beliefs that are limiting you from reaching your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience" Quote from Rob Williams, the originator of Psych-k
Find more details about Psych-K in the official website:

Rob Williams claims that those new processes and techniques are able to change any subconscious belief that might be limiting you from attracting what you want into reality even if it has been there for years and years. He says it is just like modifying a document in your computer, it only takes few moments regardless of how old the document has been on your computer.

You may see Psych-k as a way to communicate with your subconscious mind easily. uninstall old limiting beliefs and install new fresh ones that will help you move on with your life and attract whatever you want through the law of attraction. you may also get answers from your  own body about what's good for it, using a technique called "muscle testing". 
Muscle testing is simply testing the reaction of your muscles after stating an affirmation, if your subconscious mind believe that the affirmation is true, the muscles tend to be strong and resist the force you are applying on them, on the other hand if your subconscious mind judges that the information you are affirming is false your muscles tend to be weak (note that we are talking about subconsious beliefs here, for example: you may consciously think that you are worthy of love but your subonscious mind thinks otherwise). So this basic Psych-k muscle testing could be very useful if you want to know your deep limiting beliefs.

The law of attraction gurus are devided when it comes to Psych-k, some of them believe in it, others do not, and other claim it works only because people believe it works, the power of believing.

other than Psych-k, there are the classic methods that can do the same job, except that all of them take a long time to make a real shift in your mind, like hypnosis, self talk, Affirmations...


As mentioned in the video, we do not say that Psych-k works and we do not deny it either, we leave that to you, as we recommand that you do more researches.. Yet the videos are full of precious informations, we encourage you to watch them and to get the best out of them.
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