Subconscious mind - Great within

The subconscious mind is the great within

We can not talk about the law of attraction and creating your reality without talking about the subconscious mind. Because it is extremely important in the process of manifesting you desires, you absolutely need to know the most about it.

This audio book explains in details how to impress ideas on the subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is where your unlimited power reside, it is the hidden part of the iceberg that you need to tap into. the inexhaustible resource of everything you need for success and achievements. No matter what it is, nothing is impossible for the subconscious mind, it will always obey you as long  as you know how to communicate with it.
unfortunately that important part of you does not work the same way as your conscious one. It is huge, involved in almost every aspect of your behavior and personality.. That is why you need know the conditions to impress thoughts and desires upon your subconscious mind:

Deep feelings
your feelings and emotions are your subconscious mind way of sending messages to you. No idea or desire can enter the subconscious mind unless it is deeply felt. 

Strong desire
The idea must be clear, specific, and deeply wanted. You must mentally feel the sole of it for it to be impressed upon the subconscious mind.

Conscious interest
Any deeply felt idea will be impressed upon the subconscious mind either we want it or not. And this is why we must consciously choose and monitor our ideas and thoughts.

"blind" Faith
You must have faith in the process, you must know and be sure with every cell of your being that the idea is real and that your limitless powers will manifest it into your reality. The deeper the faith is, the less possibility of failure. the deeply the subconscious mind is impressed, the faster your idea will become a reality.

But the subconsious mind shouldn't be approached with the attitude of command or demand, but rather in the attitude of faith and desire, do not command your subconscious to do this or that but rather have a strong desire in it. and animate that desire with faith, the subconscious mind should not be forced, it should be gradually awakened and devolepped.
actions are still done by the conscious mind, but it is the subconscious mind that supplies the power that might be needed to take those actions and fulfill the desires
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