Law Of Attraction explained by Bob Proctor

Law Of Attraction explained by Bob Proctor

Watch the whole video of Bob Proctor talks about the Law of Attraction in this Youtube video below:

The famous Bob Proctor who appeared in the movie called "The Secret" based on the best seller book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, explains in the video the law of attraction how he see it. He stated that he has been studying the law of attraction and the law of vibration for over 50 years so he knows it better than anyone.. And indeed Bob Proctor is one of the few people who have been studying the laws of universe for so long and that are still alive today.
Bob starts the educational video by stating that the law of attraction is not a newly discovered theory as many people may think, it is actually very old and has always been known to few people, sometimes under different names, Napoleon Hill talked about it in the 50s of the last century. 
Then he moved to explaining the three types of goals that we have:

  • A type goal: which is everything that you know what to do to get it, example if you want a new car and you already had new cars in the past.
  • B type goal: is what you think you can do
  • C type goal: is what you really want (your deepest desires that you want to manifest into your physical reality) and which also you may not know how to get or what to do to get.. and that is the kind of dreams you need to follow and never give up on.. 

The law of attraction (which Bob Proctor says is a secondary law by the way and the law of vibration is the primary law) will make your desires your reality if you raise your vibration to a higher frequency.
Because you already have within all that is required to attract whatever you want into your life.
But to manifest your desires using the law of attraction one must understand how the human mind works, as mentioned in the video. Our mind is devided into two parts:
The conscious mind: the thinking part (or the intellect), can choose and distinguish right from wrong
The subconscious mind: the emotional part of the mind that believes everything you suggest to it, has no ability of rejecting ideas, where all our beliefs are.
Bob Proctor then ended the video by saying this important statement:

"The moment your belief matches with any state you fuse with it, and this union results in the activation and projection of its plots, plans, conditions, and circumstances.. This new state of conscious awareness becomes your home from which you view the world".

So basically what you should do to change your life is just work on your subconscious beliefs.. change the Paradigm, and you will notice that everything around you will start changing.. Change how you think, change your perception, trust that the universe will conspire to bring you what you want.
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