How to love yourself

How to love yourself

You may watch this youtube video about the powerful 3 methods to start loving yourself:

How can we love ourselves? Or, maybe we should ask: “Why aren’t we loving ourselves?”. 
Simply because, along the way, somebody has successfully convinced us that for some reason we should not love ourselves, that everybody else is better than us, that we are not worthy... But, we cannot really start to love ourselves until we figure out the main reason behind these beliefs. 

And how could we do that? you may wonder.. It will not be hard; we can actually find out everything by going into the depths of our soul, with the help of one of best tools in the whole Law of Attraction philosophy- meditation. And right there, we have to get rid of all these layers of beliefs that we  have in our mindset. 
While you meditate, you pull out those deep programs from your mindset, deep traumas you have, your profound beliefs. And this is where the belief that you are not good enough as a person is located, and you are totally conviced that it is true on a subconscious level. 
But as you meditate, you have to deal with it. Because during meditation you will realize convinced you of that belief and for what reason, why did they do that?. 
Meditation is a great gift. Take advantage of this miracle, just go to a quiet place and you will get all of the answers you need.
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Beside meditation, we could definitely use more help. And that’s where affirmations come in. Affirmations are a very powerful tool. They can serve us very well in order to change our  deep-seated beliefs and programs that do not serve us any good. We can start using affirmations for self-love at any time. But you must know that affirmations can also be affirmed by someone else to you. If someone was repeating to you for years things like “ You’re a failure”, or “Shame on you”, that is also an affirmation that has been repeated many times and that has entered into your deep conviction. In order to change that, you must reverse the process, start using self-love affirmations like "I am a beautiful person," "I came to this planet for a reason", "I can do anything I want," "I can give love to all the people I love”,  "I am love"...
When you repeat these affirmations enough times, you will adopt them, and they will affect every area of your life and will change your deepest negative beliefs.
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In addition to the affirmation and meditation, another tool can be helpful when we talk about self-love. It is a method for learning self-love, called, "What would someone who loves them self do?". Ask yourself this question several times a day. Try it, Let this be the first thing on your mind when you wake up tomorrow. What would be the answer to this question? Possible answers are: “they would probably go jogging.", “they would drink a lot of water”. During the day, just stop and ask yourself again: "What would self-lovers do now?". an answer that might come to your mind would be "they would probably read a book instead of watching TV." Keep asking yourself and you will think of a good answer, and then, little by little, you will see that it is better when you listen to that good voice inside you, and you will start to listen to it every day, every moment, and at some point you will become "the one who loves them self."
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