Instant Manifestation - Is it possible?

Instant Manifestation - Is it possible?

You may watch this video about instant manifestations through the law of attraction if you do not feel like reading the whole post, but make sure to watch it till the end, there are useful informations about the reactions:

Since you came through the law of attraction philosophy you probably have read, heard audios, or watched videos about instant manifestations, many people promise you techniques and tools so that you can manifest what you want instantly, but is it really possible??

NO it is not, 
*it can happen but it is not the common thing that usually happens
Simply because you're not alone in the universe, there are many other things and people, we are all connected, everything is energy, so in order for the universe to give you what you want, many energies must be rearranged. That will take some of what we call as humans "time"
if you want to understand how it works you should imagine yourself in the other end of the manifestation process.
For example, think of yourself as a parent, and you have four children and one piece of cake.. and all of your 4 children want the exact same piece of cake, what are you going to do?

Here are some options you can do:

  • Buy 3 other pieces of the same cake so that each one of your kids gets exactly what that asked for, and the universe does that sometimes when you receive your exact desire.. but this will take some time too, the cake must be ready, and needs to be transported to your children..
  • Give the cake to one of your kids and give the other something else of the same value, here the kids will probably not like it but we will talk about the reaction to what we receive later.. The universe does that sometimes too, when you ask for something and receive something different. Most of the time you do not realize that it has the same value at the receiving time.
  • Do not give anyone any cake but instead give them something healthier to eat.. same thing, the universe does that sometimes and gives you what you need instead of what you want, even if you can't understand it at the time..
  • Divide the cake in 4 small pieces so that every child gets their fair share of it.. and again the universe does that too, you ask for something and you receive less than what you wanted (less of the same thing you asked for)..

And so on with the options..

notice that each of these options will take some time and preparations.. nothing happens instantly, same thing with the law of attraction and manifestations.

* Another reason why there is a delay is because many times we wish for bad things for ourselves, for sure at least once in your life you said "I wish I could die" or if someone did something wrong to you, probably for a moment you wish they were dead.. imaging if manifestations are instant then..
* Sometimes you don't know what you want, you keep sending mixed signals, the universe waits for you to be sure, when you are consistent and you keep sending the same signal amplified by strong emotions of love and gratitude, that's when the universe answers

Your reaction to what you receive:

once you receive from the universe, you usually react in two ways: you either complain or you feel grateful.. 

what happens in each case?

get back to the example of the parent, if after giving to your kids what they wanted to the best you could and they complained what do you do? you'll mostly punish them by depriving them from dessert..
now what if they are grateful and said "thank you"? it will gives you a great feeling, you might reward them by giving them something else just to keep that feeling, that vibration going..
Well guess what? that's exactly what happens with the universe, when you complain the universe gives you more to complain about, when you vibrate in gratitude, the universe gives you more stuff to be grateful for to keep that gratitude vibration in you going..

One thing that is very important:
do not ever feel guilty for what you want because there are others involved.
For example: you want a promotion in your job, and other colleagues want that same promotion, some people would feel guilty because they say if I get the position the others won't get it and it's not fair.. some people have this feeling with money too.. they say "if I get a lot of money and there are poor people in the world than it is not fair.. I should not be wealthy"..
that's a bad way of thinking, you shouldn't worry about others, the universe will take care of them it's not your job, if you got that position or that money, it's because you earned it, that's it. Do not think about anything else.
So don't feel guilty for wanting something thinking that you will be taking it away from others.. because you're not, and that's not selfishness, and that also has nothing to do with being empathic and helping others which you must be doing all the time. It is a crucial part of the law of attraction.
* Planning to help others with what you are asking for helps in amplifying the signal that you are vibrating to the world.

At the end of the day, you do not have to understand how the whole process of law of attraction and manifestation work, just use it in your favor, the same way you use your Smartphone everyday, you take pictures and send them to your friend who is next to you, do you know how do pictures travel through air? you probably don't, but you still use that feature everyday don't you?
don't stress over how things work, just use them for your own good.

At the end here is what you must learn from this article:
  • Manifestations don't happen instantly. And this could be for your own good.
  • You might get something different from what you asked for.
  • Never feel guilty for what you want.
  • Try to always keep the vibration of gratitude.

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