Coronavirus and the law of attraction

Coronavirus and the law of attraction

Just like any other negative event that happens in life, we could always learn a thing or two from this Covid19 world pandemic. We could actually learn some valuable lessons, and change our lives to become the better version of ourselves..

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So far the law of attraction teaches us that we must have positive thoughts and keep and positive vibration to be aligned with the desires we want to experience, but when something bad happens most people are not able to do that, so this is the first challenge we will have to face during this crazy quarantine times.
First thing to pay close attention to is that positive thinking does that mean in any case living in denial or suppression your negative emotions (we will soon make a separate article and video about this issue). You have the right to be mad, angry, frustrated.. or have any negative emotion, you are a human being, having negative emotions is natural. BUT, it only depends on how to deal with them, do not suppress them but also do not let them consume you.. let them happen and learn from them, maybe talk to them.. "Dear feelings, you no longer serve me, so I let you go.." something like that.
So after you process all your emotion related to this pandemic, here are some lessons that you could learn from it:

* Gratitude for things that we used to take for granted, remember when we used to go out freely? shake hands with anyone? hug people, touch everything without fear? how we miss those times now, it's crazy right? now we have to be careful to everything we do, we used to take it for granted, so after this virus vanishes we must change the way we see things and start being more grateful, maybe start a gratitude journal if we haven't already.

* Nothing is impossible, the world can change at any time, drastic changes can happen at anytime when you least expect it, see? few weeks back nobody knew that all of this would happen? nobody knew that we will be stuck in the quarantine for months. We use to think that everything goes in a linear way, but this Virus tought us that big changes are possible, so learn to belive in them.

* You are not too small to do big things, the virus is not even visible and it changed the world. Huge economies are failing, probably new countries will rise, other will collapse, all of this because of something that we can not even see. So don't sell yourself short, you are not too small to do big things, just believe in yourself.

* There's always a bright side to every event: This one is hard to swallow because many people actually lost their income during this pandemic, other businesses will fail in the future, all people agree that we are going into a crisis that may last years.. but still, there is always a bright side, we will see it in the future, because everything happens for a reason even if we can't understand it now.. Few positivev things to see so far: the earth is taking a break, no polution, ithe air is clear, animals are also taking a break from us... and the fact that we can actually learn these lessons, that's a good thing, so have hope in the future.. 

Everything will be alright.
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