How to Attract Money & Abundance When you don't have any

How to Attract Money & Abundance When you don't have any

How do I attract money?
How do I get in a vibrational relationship with money when I don't have any?
The good news is that you don't need to have any money to get in synch with the energy of abundance. Because this whole universe is built upon abundance.
You may watch this youtube video made by Regina on the topic:

Money comes up in our life experience every day, and the basis of who we are as source energy flowing through physical bodies is freedom, so money is the equivalent of freedom, and therefore it plays a very important role in our lives, not only for survival but also for a sense of freedom. Which is the basis of who we are.

*The hardest thing about acquiring wealth is realizing that it is easy. If you think of it from a vibrational / emotional point of view, the vibration of money is indeed one of ease.. People always think it is hard to attract money, which is one of the biggest out of Vortex conversations nowadays.
A good way to look at it : take money out of the equation when you are seeking a vibration of ease, for example if you wanna make a decision and money is the reason for either allowing yourself or not allowing yourself to dream about it then take money out of the equation and you will easily figure out what you want and you will get a pure sense of clarity. And it will then get your vibration in the right place.

What to do?
Here's a simple exercise that you can do to help yourself in the sense of getting the right vibration when it comes to money and wealth:
Create an imaginary account and add an imaginary amount of $1000 each day, and then emotionally and vibrationally spend that money
Think about when you go to a store, how do you treat yourself, do you allow yourself to be happy around what you desire? or do you hold back because you don't have money and start saying "I can't have this and I can't have that"??
Remember that the universe is listening and will react accordingly, so if you feel that you don't have money and can't afford the things you want, guess what's the response you will get from the universe?? exactly "You don't have money and you cannot afford buying things".
But if you are grateful and you say I love what I have, I could have this and I want that... and you do the exercise of spending imaginary money, you begin to practice and get used to telling the story of having money and being able to buy whatever it is that you want. Although setting a new vibrational set point takes time but with practice and consistency you could easily achieve it. Give yourself 30 days of practicing and you will notice the shift in your vibration day after day.
Once you notice those changes you should celebrate and appreciate them and be grateful. Because when you send a vibration of appreciation of gratitude, you're basically saying I HAVE instead of I want. It is a great technique especially if you mix it with love, as in sending the vibration of I LOVE what I have.
Back to taking money out of the equation, by doing so you help yourself singling out what feels good, and this applies to anything else you want to manifest by the way, find a point where you feel good, it is all about feeling good, either you want to attract wealth, love, or health... If focusing on the subject is not helping you feeling good than that's when you should take your mind out of that topic.

Money is energy, and energy is always there in motion, allowing it or blocking it, that's up to you.
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