Law of Attraction Book Review


Law of Attraction Book Review

So I ordered two copies of our book "Law of Attraction - from beginner to expert - Bonus: Gratitude, Metitation, and affirmations Journal" from amazon, I actually surprised by the shipping time, they took a very long time before starting the shipping but once it was shipped I got it a short period of time. Anyway, I like the materiel of the cover, it's very nice and smooth, the papers are thick and strong..

You can Buy your copy from Amazon HERE

You can watch the full review here:

Here is the introduction page:

This Book

Written with love by a simple human who first heard about the law of attraction from an ex work colleague. 

My life was never the same after that simple information penetrated my head many years ago. Something so simple yet so powerful "you attract what you think of" It is amazing how everything in my life changed since then, in many aspects. 

That is the power of knowledge, which is also one of the reasons why I decided to write this book, to share the knowledge that changed my life.. 

maybe it would change yours too.

It is for sure not the only book about the law of attraction, nor would it be the last one. There are plenty of amazing books out there, but I believe that every little contribution counts. 

So here is my little contribution to humanity. A humble book full of knowledge gathered through the years with a touch of my own experience (unless I mention otherwise).

A book that goes gradually from beginner's level to advanced explanations. Using a simple language that non-native English speakers will easily understand.

At the end of this book, you will have a general idea about the law of attraction, how you can change your life and be the best version of yourself, and the tools to use for that matter.

That is not all, I have a free gift for you at the end of this book.

A template journal of gratitude, affirmations, and meditation. That would help you and inspire you to start changing your life right away. With the possibility of taking notes and self evaluation at the very end.

Thank you for reading!


And this is the last page of the book:


21 Days Gratitude, Affirmations & Meditation Journal

Here is an exercise to start changing your life right now. For the next 21 days, you will write everyday at least 3 things you are grateful for (if you skipped a day or more it is ok, you can resume whenever you can)

Express your gratitude however you see fit, you may use any words in any language you want.

You may include God or whatever you believe in if you want by starting with "Thank you God for..."

Pay attention to your emotions and take notes of anything you judge worth mentioning.

For the meditation write down at what time you did it and how long did you last. Take notes of anything you see or any states you reach.

Write at least one affirmation per day. Affirm it over and over through the day, any time you remember, and notice how you feel while saying it and if that feeling shifts throughout the day.

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