50 Money Affirmations


50 Money Affirmations

One of the most topics that got people into studying the law of attraction is Money. Although one should not start from a point of lack but that would be a topic for another post, in this one I will just give you 50 Money manifestation Affirmations that you may use in your daily life.

They are grouped in 25 short YouTube videos that I have uploaded last March, each one has two affirmations repeated twice during the video. 

You might listen / watch them in this playlist below:

Here are all the Affirmations sorted by Days (first 2 are from day 1, second 2 are from day 2 and so on):

My mind is a magnet for money

I see opportunities to make money everywhere

I see opportunities to make money every day

I am tapped into the flow of money energy

I am lucky with money

Money follows me everywhere I go

I always have great ideas to make more money

I have multiple sources of income

People pay me generously for my knowledge

Money comes to me quickly and easily

I always receive money on time

I easily pay my bills and have leftover money

I easily support myself financially

I attract lucky situations to receive money

I find money i didn't know i had

People always pay me on time

More money keeps coming to me

Money is easy to come by

All my bills are paid on time

I always know that money is on its way to me

I am aligned with receiving more money

I easily put money making opportunities place

I receive passive income

I earn more than i spend

I can easily help my loved ones financially

I am grateful for having lots of money

People pay me well for services I provide

Making money is easy

I always take immediate action on money making ideas

More money always comes in quickly

My income is increasing daily

My savings account keeps growing daily

I receive more money than i expect

I trust in my ability to earn more money

Money comes to me in positive and unexpected ways

I receive more money for the good of all

I make more money than i spend

I get paid generously for any work that I do

My income keeps growing

My net worth is always increasing

I take positive action towards earning more money

My work is recognized and rewarded well financially

I receive more money every day

I find the best ways to grow my money

I am in alignment with money energy

I receive unexpected money

I attract people who pay me well

I always find ways to save money

I always find ways to grow my money

Money works for me to grow more money

Pick just the ones that feel right for you and start using them, you do not have to listen or watch you can simply Affirm them every day before sleeping or when you just wake up, or you may write them down in your journal. And do not forget to always be grateful for what you have. Gratitude is where you always must start from.

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