Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships

Right after money and how to attract money, comes the next best topic, LOVE.. that's what people are searching for right after wealth and abundance. It should actually be the first thing that humans should be searching for but hey, we live in a materialistic world like you know, and people are scared and worried, they mostly crave financial sexurity though, not wealth.
Anyway, here you will find all the articles and videos that we already posted about love and relationship.

How to attract sex or better sex with your partner
One of the first things that we need to discuss in order to approach this very big topic is that when we think in terms of having harmony with another person (because as you know, sex as many other manifestations is a co-creative experience, so there's a whole other person involved with their own desires and their own needs and all this stuff and their own vibrational set point)
So in order to be in harmony with this relationship we need to be in harmony with what that person wants and with that person and that's a trap.

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How to love yourself
How can we love ourselves? Or, maybe we should ask: “Why aren’t we loving ourselves?”. 
Simply because, along the way, somebody has successfully convinced us that for some reason we should not love ourselves, that everybody else is better than us, that we are not worthy... But, we cannot really start to love ourselves until we figure out the main reason behind these beliefs. 
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Love and Relationships - Attract Women Subliminal
This is mostly about subliminal ways to attract women
Using the Law of attraction to attract love, a relationship, or even marriage is the same as using it to attract money or other material things. It's all about visualizing correectly and getting the FEELING of already having the desires that you wish to manifest into your reality . It is very important that you reach the sweet spot where you could feel with every cell of your being that you have what you want, and try to keep it that way for as long as you could. Always watch your emotions, you know that you are on the right track to manifest your desires and make your dreams come true because it feels good.. maintain your high vibration while visualizing. There are several ways to do so. One of them is watching subliminal videos.
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How to Attract a specific person (7 steps you must follow)
It's arguably the most popular topic within the Law of Attraction community, ‘How can I manifest a specific person?’ You’ve dreamt of having your ideal relationship with the mysterious guy you’ve seen at the coffee shop or you’ve imagined a love story for the ages with the girl next door, maybe you’ve written a wishlist of your perfect partner and you want to bring it to life. Whatever your desire we’ve got the answer. Here, we’ll uncover the tips and tricks for manifesting a specific person so you can have the love life that you deserve.
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More Articles and videos coming on the way..
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