How to Visualize What you want Correctly

How to visualize what you want correctly:

Visualization is one of the most important things in the Law Of Attraction (if not the most important one). In order to line up with the frequency of what you want to have to visualize it. and The more clearly you can "see" your desires, the more easily they will come into your life. So what is visualization? how does it help us to create our reality? what is the right way and the wrong one?

You may aswell watch this video from the Law of Attraction Youtube Channel for detailed explanations:

First of all, you should remember that in the Law of attraction, the act of visualizing is NOT how we create. But Visualization is a powerful tool that we use in order to line up with the energy of what we have already created
a tool we use to receive the energy of our desire into the physical so visualization is a huge part of creation process.

Second thing to remember is that we were born with the ability to visualize. As children we used to "play and pretend", we never lose it as we grow up but we forget that we have it. we find excuses like "we don't have time", "we are too old for that", "Stop dreaming, get real"...) but the ability to visualize is still there.

Third thing you must know is that when you visualize (pretend that something has already happened) you have the chance to eliminate any conflicting vibrations. As we already said: in order to line up with your manifestation, you must be vibrating at your desire's frequency, visualization actually helps you doing that
for example: you want a new car and you are using the law of attraction to attract it, what you do is: sit on your couch and imagine yourself inside the car to the point that you can smell the fresh leather, the carpet, the entire interior of the car... 
But when you visualize, your visualizations start a life of their own so they may go on a negative path, like you may imagine your kids getting inside the car and making a mess: eating ships, drinking soda... this might cause frustration or anger to you, you have to pay attention to that, pay attention to your feelings and emotions, beause your brain will translate those frequencies that are not serving you, your Subconscious Mind may even go further and believe that you can't have a nice car as long as you have kids. as long as you have negative believes about what you want, the contradictory frequency will keep you from getting your desires into the physical. And the Law of attraction will respond to that.
But the good thing about visualization is that it can be a tool to practice and train your mind and also see where you have negative frequencies
Here is another example: you are looking for love, so every night in bed before sleeping you visualize yourself with the perfect partner, but when your visualization goes on, your partner always does something to hurt you, he/she's not that perfect after all, you create a pattern when you always end the visualization with a fight.. What you have to do in that case is to start working on your visualization, find ways to see your love in ways that don't end in a fight, see him/her caring and kind and have different reactions than the ones you were visualizing before. it's not easy though, but if you practice every night it gets easier. you will soon be able to visualize your love life and relationship in a whole new way, you will start seeing a new better partner in your visualization, at that point you will know that you shifted your vibration. but keep practicing until you feel good about your visualization and there are no negative frequencies.
Visualization is also a powerful tool to help you get over resistance, but only if you use it properly (remember that the law of attraction respond to how you feel not what you think).

Here are 6 helpful tips for a better visualization:

1-Try to make visualization a full body experience: see, hear, smell, feel, get all your senses involved, the most important part is not the image, but the emotions you get from what you see.

2-if you can't visualize or find it hard, you may look at the Internet for the things you want, print pics and create your own unique visionboard, put it in a place where you can see it everyday, your wall, computer or even phone screensaver.

3-listen to inspiring songs that help you getting in the mood of daydreaming of what you want, like the song you may play in your dream car, or the song that makes you think of a healthy loving relationship...
(remember: looking at pics and listening to music is not enough, you have to get into the fantasy)

4-have fun with visualization, don't force yourself into daydreaming on a strict schedule, do it when it feels right

5-try to make some time every day for daydreaming, just few minute, when it feels right. Imagine how would your life be if you already have that thing you want and LIVE that life now, feel those feeling you will have now

6-Keep playing until you can control your visualization, until you start feeling really good about what you are experiencing, until it becomes right and you feel like it's your reality not a fantasy. 

At that point and through the Law of Attraction, the things you want will start to come to you fast and easy.

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