Meditation and Law of attraction

Meditation and Law of attraction

to get the best of any law of attraction technique that you are using, visualization, Affirmations... you have to be in a very relaxed mode. And this state of mind is quite difficult for some people to reach, because of stress, work, daily life routines and pressure. That's when meditation comes in to play.

What is meditation?
meditation is somehow the conscience sleeping, reaching a sleepy mode without actually falling asleep, it is also the art of relaxing the body and mind.
meditation allows you to be one with the univers. It allows you to raise your vibrations and to get energy from the univers.
some law of attraction gurus like to call it a journey to the inner self, it takes you in a discovery journey to your deep self, from body to mind, mind to intellect.. and beyond.
When you reach a high meditative state, you become guided by your higher self, or your inner guidance system. You are no longer guided by your ego.

watch this video to understand more about meditation:

How does it help in manifestation?
meditation helps you reach a high level of relaxation, where you can release all resistance and negative frequencies. it does clear your mind from all the negative energy that might keep you from being able to manifest.  it also helps you raising up your vibrations. at that moment, manifestation becomes easier, like we said before, any law of attraction tool that you will use requires a clear mind and high vibrations. and meditation is the best way to do so.

How to meditate?
There are several ways to do meditation, but you can start with the basic techniques as shown in this video below, but remember that it is going to take a while before you start to really reach a meditative state that would allow you to get the best from the law of attraction.
meditation needs practice and patience.

here is a youtube video about meditation for beginners, will teach you how to meditate:
(Coming soon)
Happy manifestation
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