Forgotten laws of the universe: Thinking, Supply, Attraction

The forgotten laws of the universe: Thinking, Supply, Attraction

Many people that got into the law of Attraction have forgot that it's not the only law that exist in the univers, there are other universal laws that work in harmony with the law of attraction. And that's exactly what the famous Bob Proctor talks about in these videos I'm about to tell you about. There is also a pdf version that you can get.
There are basically 11 forgotten laws of the Univers:
Law 1  :.......... The Law of Thinking
Law 2  :............ The Law of Supply
Law 3  :........ The Law of Attraction
Law 4  :........ The Law of Receiving
Law 5  :.......... The Law of Increase
Law 6  :.. The Law of Compensation
Law 7  : The Law of Non Resistance
Law 8  : .....The Law of Forgiveness
Law 9  :.......... The Law of Sacrifice
Law 10:....... The Law of Obedience
Law 11:........... The Law of Success

This is a must see video, by learning those universal laws, you will start to understand the big picture. This is the Part one, introducing the three first laws of the Univers: Law of Thinking, Law of Supply and The Law of Attraction

1- The forgotten law of the univers #1 (The Law of Thinking) :
Yes there is a universal Law called the law of thinking, it may not be a written and scientifically verifiable physical law such as other laws, but it is very real, it is a law that governs your thoughts in harmony with other laws. To make it simple, you can see it like that: the way in which your thoughts are actively used can affect the way in which your body reacts to them, which means that your thoughts also affect your physical body and your emotional state. Basically, thoughts affect your way of living, your thoughts co-create your life, a big part of your happiness or sadness are caused by your thoughts.

2- The forgotten law of the univers #2 (The Law of Supply) :
Basically the Law of Supply boils down to the belief in abundance. As we already know, the univers is infinite and expanding, there is enough good for everyone either it's food, money, relationship or anything, the law of supply comes to play when you ask for more than you have. But many people are actually afraid of having more than they have now! They think it will corrupt them spiritually. And this what cuts them from the source because they are unable to act in harmony with the Law of Supply.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more and more of something for yourself; as long as you are NOT taking anything away from anyone else. You just want to increase your own share of something from the infinite Universal supply.

3- The forgotten law of the univers #2 (The Law of Attraction) :
The law of attraction doesn't need much explanation, that's the one we have been talking about for so long. You may check the first post Law of Attraction for dummies if you want some definition of the law of attraction.

Stay tuned as more forgotten laws will be posted soon.
Happy manifestations :)
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