Forgotten laws of Universe: Receiving, Increase, Compensation

Forgotten laws of Universe: Receiving, Increase, Compensation

This is the second part of the 11 forgotten laws of the univers (by Bob Proctor) you may find the part one here where we discussed the first three laws: Law of thinkinglaw of supply and the law of attraction.
Like we said in the previous post, the law of attraction works in harmony with all the other universal laws. In order to master the law of attraction one has to study the other laws and understand them.
In this post we are going to introduce three more laws:
The law of Receiving
The law of Increase
The law of Compensation

Watch this youtube video to learn more about those three laws from Bob Proctor:

1-The 4th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Receiving:
The law of receiving states that for you to be able to receive your desires, you should be open to get them. You may think that this is easy or obvious, but actually many people are doing the exact opposite, for example: if you want a new relationship you shouldn't be staying at home all the time.. By going out and meeting new people you show the universe that you are ready to receive what's there for you. And by being open to receiving, you are helping the universe to manifest your desires and you are speeding up your results.

2-The 5th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Increase:
The law of increase states that you get more of anything you're grateful for receiving. For example: if you received money and you show gratitude to the universe, you'll get more money. If someone compliments your work, you feel compelled to do it again and even do a better job. that's exactly how the universe works, once you are grateful for what you received the universe gives you more of it and This is the Law of Increase.

3-The 6th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Compensation:
The law of compensation states that "What you are getting is a result of the efforts you are putting out there. So if you want to manifest better result you must think of a new or better way to deliver that value. You have to become the person of value to receive anything of value. So, the Law of compensation tells us that we cannot simply go through the motions and expect to realize our desires and dreams.

As we said before, you should understand the laws of universe so you can master the law of attraction and manifest all your desires, either it is money abundance that you want to attract, a healthy relationship, success, prosperity or anything else, it all work in harmoney, learn how to become a strong magnet that attracts and manifests faster..
Stay tuned more coming soon.
Happy manifestations
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