Inspired Action Vs Un-inspired Action

Inspired Action Vs Un-inspired Action(in the law of attraction)

This article is kind of part two of the article posted last week Law of Attraction and Taking Action. As many people still seem to be missing the point. 

Law of attraction: Inspired action Vs Un-inspired action video

Let us get something clear: The law of Attraction says that the creation happens IN THE MIND, the mind creates not the action, BUT to get what you want into the physical you obviously must TAKE ACTIONS. It is not that you will sit on the couch and focus and a miracle will happen, at some point you will obviously have to do the right actions. Actions are YOUR part of the creation process, but Actions do not create your desires.
Just think about an achievement, the eiffel tower in Paris for example, it can't be built just like that, somebody thought about it before, somebody imagined how it is gonna be in their mind, somebody created it in their mind before it came to the physical. but did it build itself? of course not, loads of people took actions and worked on it. 
Same thing about everything that is not water or plant. Everything was created in the human mind before it came to the physical.

So the key when you are working with the law of attraction is to know the difference between inspired actions and un-inspired actions:

When you take inspired actions:

  • Ideas come to you naturally and easily.
  • The action steps just make sense. You don't have to justify them.
  • You feel energized by the action - it doesn't seem like "work".
  • You make a lot of progress very quickly and with little effort.
  • You are allowing the Universe to orchestrate events.
When you take un-inspired actions:
  • You spend a lot of time trying to figure out what actions to take.
  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • You feel tired and depleted. the actions really feel like "work".
  • You are continuously stopped by roadblocks. Things just don't seem to be moving ahead.
Bottom line when you're working with the Law Of attraction: Inspired action feels good. It feels like playing. You're enjoying yourself. You're leveraging Universal energy, so you get a lot more done in much less time. Things just line up for you, actions are almost effortless.
The Universe has the power to line up all the perfect components in order to easily bring you what you desire. Attracting and anifesting your reality using the law of attraction shouldn't be a struggle. Just line up with the energy and allow it to happen. If the Universe needs you to do something, it will simply let you know in the right time.
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